The most expensive watches in the world

The most expensive watches in the world

Watches Of Wales have an Extensive Selection of Expensive Triwa Watches, A simple yet detailed guide to the worlds rarest and most expensive timepieces.

Among the top ten most expensive watches in the world are:

  1. Brequet Pocket Watch 1970: This is an eighteen karat gold unit. Its primary features are that it is hand engraved and it also has a silver face with very intricate work in it. Also, the piece is a real treat and something to totally watch out for. It is priced at about $734,000.
  2. Blancpain 1735 Grande Complication: This model is pegged at around $800,000. Its case is fashioned out of platinum. The watch strap is structured out of crocodile skin. Its engine parts are about 740 in number. These are all handmade pieces.
  3. Louis Moinet Magistralis: This cost $860,000. It is said that this watch has in it a real piece of a meteriorite found on the surface of the moon.
  4. Hublot Black Caviar Bang: This watch is pegged at one million dollars. The wristwatch has about 501 baguette cut black diamonds and is made with eighteen karat white gold.
  5. Chopard Super Ice Cube: This comes with a price tag of 1.1million dollars. This watch is Swiss-made. It has 60 karats of diamonds which each have been cut into the shape of a cube. This watch has water resistant features and is also scratch-free.
  6. Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillion: This watch bears a price label of 1.3 million dollars. It is considered to be the most complicated watch model turned out by Patek Philippe. The front dial of the watch has a date and moon phases incorporated in it.
  7. Vacheron Constatin Tour de I’lle: This watch is priced at 1.5 million dollars. It comes from the house of Vacheron Constantin. This was unveiled in the year 2005 as part and parcel of its creator’s 250th anniversary celebrations. The unit is patterned out of eighteen karat gold. Also, its glass cover is blue sapphire and non-reflective. In addition, this is a two sided piece.
  8. Patek Philippe Platinum World Time: this is priced at a whopping $4 million. This was auctioned in the year 2002. Word is that there is only one piece of this created. At the time, it was taken as the most expensive wristwatch on planet earth. Of its trademark features, one is that the watch winds itself.
  9. Patek Philippe Super Complication: This is tagged at all of $11 million. This is an eighteen carat gold pocket watch. This was made by Patek Philippe for a very famous banker and took five years to complete. The watch has what are termed 24 complications or certain features which are very unique.  Other than basic time telling, this also offers a chronological aspect for each hour in the day.
  10. Chopard 210 karat: This is pegged at a mindboggling $26 million. This watch is a real masterpiece. Since it is replete with 201 karat colored diamonds, the piece looks akin to a bracelet. Thus, it doubles up in use as a piece of ornament along with being a time teller.   

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