A look at the world’s weirdest watches

A look at the world’s weirdest watches

In the world of weird things, one can find watches too which fit this bill. Take the Iron Samurai Watch. It is a bracelet cum watch which is made with Samurai sword carbonized steel folded 1000x over. It can be bought from Chinavision for a very small amount of money. Each piece has re LEDs within the bracelet itself. Though this seems rather upmarket, in reality it is not. The description of the piece says that the Olivia Burton bracelet Cum watch can hike up the wearer’s strength quotient, intelligence, wit et al. It is a rather very showy kind of a piece with not so much appeal in it.

Then is the Vanity Mirror Watch – this is especially for ladies. This is more of a mirror than a watch. The Tread 1 is another piece worth giving a mention to in this article. This makes use of a treadmill like system which has belts which are somehow meshed up together. The time gets showed as the numbers sort of sparkle out as though they are running on a small-size treadmill of sorts. This watch is fashioned out of bulletproof polycarbonate.

The Green Geek Power Watch is bedazzling to say the least. It has green glowing lights which really have a shine in them. The Space Invaders Watch is available in two models. One is suitable as day time wear and the other befits wearing during the night. Each watch is available only in a set of 78 pieces.

The EleeNo EG3 comes from the Japanese firm, Tokyoflash. This has a series of squares on its front. The top three squares show the hour, the middle three are the minutes handle of the piece and so on. The Map Watch from Vacheron Constantin is yet another spaced out piece. It has an extremely difficult to operate mechanism.
The Wooden Watch or the WeWood Chrono Watch is made with cent percent natural wood. This also has a wood case, a bracelet and a dial to boot. This is actually just the right gift to be given to someone who is environment-savvy. On pressing a button, the time and date shine out from the dial. The Bingo Watch from Eleeno can be purchased from the Japanese online store, Tokyoflash.
The Relativity Watch hinges on the principle of Einstein’s theory of relativity. In this watch, it is the numbers which move in place of the watch hands.

The Harry Winston watch permits a user to actually visualize the mechanics of the piece. One can actually see the gears and the intricacies of the watch from the front. The Cabestan Winch Tourbillion Vertica is to be seen to be believed. It is that strange a piece. The Diesel DZ 9044, in effect, does not give the outward look of a time piece. One’s eyes need to be really sharp to be able to utilize this watch effectively. The Charles Windlin is not just a plain and simple watch. It doubles up as a ring as well!

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