How to spot a fake watch

How to spot a fake watch

At times gifts given by relatives and friends are not the real deal. They may be giving a decoy as a gift since the real piece is way above their budget. Also sometimes we feel we have gotten a real good bargain and it turns out to be a fake number. This does not just happen in the movies. It happens in real life as well. Hence, before striking a deal which seems really really cool, delve into its brasstacks thoroughly. This holds true more often than not when there is a huge difference between the price of the original model and what you are getting it for.

Sometimes the watch dial has some words or at times even a few instructions written on it. These could again be a decoy tactic employed by someone who is really out to make money in a big way. Triwa Luxury pocket Watch out for such signals – they do take the word fake to a new level altogether. In addition, if there are pushers which are meant for a chronograph but the watch isn’t one, it could again spell trouble that the number is not the real one it is posing as.

Be careful of discount offers

Discount offers and schemes are really neat at times. At other occasions, they may end up duping the customer. Be very wary of such offers and schemes. Investigate them thoroughly before spending big money on them. There is no harm done in trying to get to the bottom of the deal before going in for it.

At times, you can get duped by the ‘ancient’ look of the watch if it has some scratches or chippings in it. Do not get mislead into thinking that this is actually an antique piece. Chances are it was purchased from someone who did not wish to own something broken or rusted or worn out. Again, you are likely to pick up a piece which was rejected by someone else on some ground or another.

Do not pick up something which actually looks wierd

Sometimes some watches are just plain weird. They have some feature like an awkward shaped dial or a color of the dial which is very out of the ordinary. This could again mean a fake model. There is a difference between class and some product trying to impersonate as another. With time and patience, one can get the hang of the difference between the two.

Be careful with online shopping

Online shopping is a great experience. However, one does have to keep one’s wits about one another when going in for it. Without actually seeing the piece, it is very difficult to judge whether it is a real or a fake model. In online shopping, one rarely gets to see a unit before picking up the tab for it. Thus, it is better to be forewarned about such deals. Pick up something online only from a reputed site which is well-known for genuine products. Do not just buy something if it catches your fancy.

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